Monday, August 3, 2009

Rocket Principle proved once again..

We used to say in our college days that we all work on rocket principle; unless our asses are on fire, we don’t work. This saying proved itself once again when we got an assignment of presenting a social entrepreneur and sufficient time was given to prepare. And Guess what we did; Yes, we prepared it at the last day, last night more precisely. Some of us are still sleeping as they prepared it till 7 AM in the morning and presented at 9AM. But as always, we got to learn a lot from this assignment.

When I chose “Jeroo Billimoria”, I did not have much idea about what she actually does, in fact I could not write her name precisely; I wrote it as: Jeero Billu Moria and I actually wasted a significant time in searching on Google with this name. When I could not find any link through Google, I thought I had made a wrong choice. But my understanding about this name turned 180 degree when I actually read about her through various sources.

She is lady of her own kind. Although she just talk about 2 major qualities in herself: Acknowledging one’s mistake and be passionate, I believe she has a lot more which we discuss whenever we talk about Social Entrepreneurship. I feel she is Hard Working, Sensitive, ambitious, innovative, a leader, a listener, a manager, an orator and so on.

She runs a small BIG organization: Childline, a toll-free call service basically for street children and homeless. I became more curious about her when I got to know that she is from TISS only. She has been a student as well as a teacher in this beautiful college.

One very important quality which she possesses is her convincing power. She has done this all through her great communication skills and convincing people right from the director of TISS to ministry of health care. She also convinced Tata Trust when she needed seed capital for her start up, she received a handsome amount of Rs. 2,50,000/- in 1998.

She played it very smartly when she finds the conflict between the working of her organization and police official specially; she involved government officials, health department officials, railways officials, police officials and other key agencies to work along with her. Now neither any police man was given a chance to beat up a child at the street nor did any government hospital have the choice to deny a child from a slum area.

She also showed her Transformational Leadership when she quit the organization in 2002. As our great sir Mr. Zubin Mullah taught us; we must build an organization which is not hooked solely with us, it should remain intact even after you serve and come out of the system.

Ohh, somebody is knocking at the door, I feel those people are awake now and we’ll have to go to Tapri to have a cup of tea. CYA.

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  1. Pleasant Paddy.. Ur amiable blog on “Jeroo Billimoria” inspiring me in many ways.. Jeroo qualities , her small BIG organization .. n especially TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP ...i am thinking lot to assimilate ..hope u keep up this blog..and make us learn more!! god bless u !!